Wednesday, December 21, 2005


3 OVER THE HILL, originally uploaded by Andy Welsh.

I've always like this shot, ever since I came across it when it was uploaded last April. Andy's work is always challenging and interesting, and he's local as well. I'd recommend to anyone to check out his whole stream.

This, I believe, is the Town Moor, in Newcastle, and believe me, it doesn't get to look much better :D

Friday, December 16, 2005


shoes, originally uploaded by brendadada.

I told myself I would try not to resurrect to many photos from the same person, as obviously that would be silly.

But there brendadada is, faithfully submitting photos to these strange groups that keep getting deleted.

And here's me looking for photos that I like to resurrect.

And here's me liking a lot of stuff she does.

Maybe its not the photo here, but I love the shape of the feet (I don't think I have a feet 'thing' - maybe I do). I also have a thing for B&W at the moment.

More brendadada:
more feet
more bw

Hospital Bathroom 2

Hospital Bathroom 2, originally uploaded by Miss Pola.

Its so blue, here in the bathroom, doo ah...

Yeah, my singing voice isn't all that good really - but this photo is.

I may comment more on other photos but this one really speaks for itself.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Addict_, originally uploaded by _Eraserhead.

Few people probably know that I used to smoke. There are some things I still miss (of which the smell is only occasionally one). But god damn did you think you looked good with a fag in your hand.

I love watching old b&w films from the 40s and 50s, humphrey bogart et al. They make smoking just so cool its almost unbarable (Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not springs to mind).

Anyway, I love this photo cause it reminds me of the good times, without in any way affecting my lungs (even if I breath deeply).

Three school chairs 三つの椅子。

I love the composition here, I'm definately aware I have a liking for the minialist approach though, and have been thinking of chairs in solitary places recently.

I don't think the wacky or off colours detract from this photo at all - in some ways they actually make them.

I'd have saved it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tokaien Hotel - 7

Tokaien Hotel - 7, originally uploaded by mmdc (Jim O'Connell).

Dare to be different, dare to challenge, dare to be happy and content with yourself enough that you challenge other people to be happy with themselves.

Dare I.

Monday, December 05, 2005

rainy days

rainy days, originally uploaded by takekazu.

Another rain shot I noticed and wanted to resurrect. I love the wet wood. It must have been taken just minutes after the rain had stopped.


rain, originally uploaded by evilgreg3000.

The weather has been awful recently, when I've been wanting to take photos. It rained all day in Durham on saturday, and was just dark and dreary yesterday (so I switched to b&w mode, but didn't get all the shots I would have liked), so I decided to see what the deleteme and rain tag gave me.

I picked this photo as the best. Its such a simple photo, but well captured, and I like it.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Night delivery

Night delivery, originally uploaded by WayneMethod.

Wow. This photo illustrates the dangers of submitting your photo to the delete me groups. Its been submitted to both. The original Delete Me group got rid of in short shift, 10 deleteme's and no saves.

The Uncensored group loved it, 10 save without a single delete.

How can this happen? Is it just chance, personal preferences, who saw the photo first? Who knows.

Its a classic example of 'panning' - following a subject with the camera, keeping it in the focus and sharp while blurring the background. [Link]


Smile, originally uploaded by Kiki J.

Yep, we're definately going through a portrait phase here on Delete Me Resurrection.

What a lovely photo this is, simple, unadulterated joy.

Kiki J has a wonderful set of India photos that are well worth a look. Check out the sunbathing cow.

Next photo will not be a portrait I promise :)


Kay, originally uploaded by Ngudu Brown.

In order to make my life easier, Ngudu Brown has created a wonderful set full off his deleteme10 photos. How kind.

I chose this one for a couple of reasons. I like the expression, and the hand, I think the face says a lot. I also like the colors, very gentle shades of grey. I'm also going through a 'portrait' phase, judging by the last choice as well, and I just created a portrait set in my own stream, something I thought I'd never manage to do (never thought I'd have enough portrait shots).

Update: thanks to itoldyouthat for a link to the subjects web site. Its in some foreign language so I'm not sure whats going on half the time, but looks cool. I like the riverbank project.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


waiting, originally uploaded by Simon Pais.

I'm finding the process of finding photos for this blog to be a very interesting journey.

I've taken this photo from a search for photos which have the deleteme10 tag, and the saveme9 tags, i.e. those that where very close calls. It certainly provides a selection of very high quality images, and there's bound to be something in there that most people think should have been saved.

Why did I choose this one? I don't know - I was in the mood for a moody shot, and she fitted the bill successfully.

"They say cigars are after sex... but for me, for me they are before. After sex there's nothing pleassurable"