Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Notre Dame

Notre Dame, originally uploaded by Hugo*.

Now this one got 5 saves, vs the good old 10 deletes. Personally I think, given how picky some people can be, and how you get so many people who like different things in these groups, that 5-10 is a pretty good ratio. I got 5-10 on my first photo and I didn't even think it was that good :)

This one has some wonderful qualities I just love, the light and the action work well, the body is well composed and at an interesting angle. The lamp and the boy both add interest and detail to the background that make the photo more whole.

Modern Art

Modern Art, originally uploaded by Urban Disturbance.

Modern art eh - some people just can't understand it, think its a complete and utter waste of space. Why pay thousands of pounds for two halves of a cow, or a row (3 high) of red bricks...

Personally I'm a big fan of some modern art, if it inspires, or forces you to question things, especially yourself and your reaction to it. Not all of it works, and sometimes I get the impression people try to hard to like something even if they don't like it, but thats just me.

Such could be said of this pile of white cubes. I've seen a few photos of this recently, but I like this one even if I'm not sure about the art.

I wonder if the women in the foreground is part of the art, or maybe they are actually cubes of ice and she's just a very cold museum worker. The people in the background are obviously 'getting into' this piece of art, almost literally.

It is quite grainy in its larger views (and yes, the women does have some splodges on her cheek, but hey, she just looks cold to me) but I don't care. There is enough detail in the cubes, which I think are the most important thing about this photo anyway.

It didn't get a single save, which I can't understand. Resurrected!

Monday, November 28, 2005


..//e, originally uploaded by eyoalha.

What can I say - a responding 10-0 defeat for this photo, which just shows how wrong some people can be :)

This has some wonderful blown out colours, is bright, cheery, and a great expression, looking off into the distance, pondering - maybe she's spotted someone she knows and is about to say hi, who knows - make up your own stories, make up your own mind and ignore those damn deleters!


2 Men And A Box

2 Men And A Box, originally uploaded by aqui-ali.

Its no suprise to those who know me that I'm a big fan of abstract/minimalist/monochromatic stuff like this - it just appeals to me for some reason.

This photo draws me in. I have to wonder what the two men are doing. I imagine that they are actually artists, about to use the white canvas before them for a stupendous work of art.

To be fair, this one was a close one, 9 saves vs 10 deletes, so definately worth a resurrection in my opinion.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


kiss, originally uploaded by brendadada.

Gorgeous, sexy, and akuppa's not bad either.

Obviously I'm incredibly biased on this one, cause a) brenda is a star, b) akuppa is also a star and c) newcastle and bar55 are also stars. And having met all three (can you meet a city?) they are all favourites of mine to start with.


Fleeting, originally uploaded by Aeioux.

Some people are so anti-photoshop its scary. I don't mind photoshop at all, especially when it can be used to produce something as stunningly creative as this photo-montage.

red umbrella (crop)

red umbrella (crop), originally uploaded by Mr. Mark.

I just love the colours on this one, and the shapes, and everything. Great!

Resurrection in progress...


Heather, originally uploaded by kswanson.

I don't hang around as much in the original Delete Me group, but I've started looking at their rejects just for this blog and I have to say... HUH?

Why on earth would a wonderful fun picture like this get deleted! It makes no sense. Shame on you! :)

Michele Karakas

Michele Karakas, originally uploaded by CoachCashMoney.

Now I partially blame myself for this one, as I think I mistakedly voted to delete this wonderful photo - but hey, a man can admit he's wrong can't he!

I still think it might (only might) be better with a slghtly straighter horizon, but only just!


Dying of the Light

Dying of the Light, originally uploaded by BigFrank.

I've started this blog as a tongue in cheek reaction to the Delete Me group (of which I'm not a member) and the Delete Me Uncensored group (of which I am a member).

Its a complete ego trip, cause I'm basically going to post photos from Flickr and say - you're wrong - this shouldn't have been deleted - here's my attempt to resurect it...

The above photo was deleted by the original delete me group (DM), but saved by the uncensored group (DMU) - and a good save it was too cause I think its a wonderful shot.