Friday, December 02, 2005


Kay, originally uploaded by Ngudu Brown.

In order to make my life easier, Ngudu Brown has created a wonderful set full off his deleteme10 photos. How kind.

I chose this one for a couple of reasons. I like the expression, and the hand, I think the face says a lot. I also like the colors, very gentle shades of grey. I'm also going through a 'portrait' phase, judging by the last choice as well, and I just created a portrait set in my own stream, something I thought I'd never manage to do (never thought I'd have enough portrait shots).

Update: thanks to itoldyouthat for a link to the subjects web site. Its in some foreign language so I'm not sure whats going on half the time, but looks cool. I like the riverbank project.

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itoldyouthat said...

Kay Roehlen is an artist like me: