Friday, December 16, 2005


shoes, originally uploaded by brendadada.

I told myself I would try not to resurrect to many photos from the same person, as obviously that would be silly.

But there brendadada is, faithfully submitting photos to these strange groups that keep getting deleted.

And here's me looking for photos that I like to resurrect.

And here's me liking a lot of stuff she does.

Maybe its not the photo here, but I love the shape of the feet (I don't think I have a feet 'thing' - maybe I do). I also have a thing for B&W at the moment.

More brendadada:
more feet
more bw


Garry said...

I didn't see this, or most of the others on this page. I think that means my DMU addiction is over.

I've put a link to this on my blog 'cos I think it's a jolly good idea.

Apprentice said...

Yeah, there's lots that go through that I don't see these days, and I do like to keep an eye on the thing. So yes, I think your addiction is over. :)

Thanks Sam, you say the nicest things. I am not looking for an easy ride, I'm taking shots with equipment I barely understand, which is quite exciting. I really don't expect people to like it, but it gives me a buzz. Must buy that orange filter, this looks a bit flat.