Friday, July 07, 2006

Birds on Sepia

Birds on Sepia, originally uploaded by Alexandre Duarte.

Does the fact that this photo has 'blown highlights' mean its not a good photo? Do all photos have to have perfect exposure to be liked?

Not a single save on this one; shame.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Sam now I can come along and say yeah Dme did a good job. As for this yep the blown highlights wreck this sucker.

rory[at]mungler[dot]com said...

im currently writing a one-email crash course for a friend taking his first steps, and stumbled across this image when googling for 'blown highlights'.

dont listen to the poster above - this is a beautiful image, and the blown highlights do NOT ruin it at all.

people get too carried away with technical details and forget to just LOOK at an image and appreciate it for what it is.

great shot!