Tuesday, June 27, 2006

warm cellophane

warm cellophane, originally uploaded by a Canticle.

'a Canticle' has my undying admiration for her work, and her persistance in the face of continued 'delete's in submitting her pictures to the delete me groups.

I have to say that none of them are what I would call stunning photographs, they are more very interesting works of art created from mutliple photographs (somehow, not entirely sure how she manages it).

So here's a resurrection in the name of persistence, purity of your art, seeking your vision and loads of other wanky ways of saying that no-one gets the crap you produce :)



do you not get the deleteme game?

it's not always about the best pix making it into the vault. it's to discover something new (fault or not) about something you've created. if you're simply looking for lauds, it's the wrong place to fish.

Sam said...

Do you not get the point of this website?

Its a piss take - my finger up to some (not all) of the comments left against photos submitted to any of the 'critique' groups on Flickr.

p.s. I like your icon - can I suggest a crop though...