Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Modern Art

Modern Art, originally uploaded by Urban Disturbance.

Modern art eh - some people just can't understand it, think its a complete and utter waste of space. Why pay thousands of pounds for two halves of a cow, or a row (3 high) of red bricks...

Personally I'm a big fan of some modern art, if it inspires, or forces you to question things, especially yourself and your reaction to it. Not all of it works, and sometimes I get the impression people try to hard to like something even if they don't like it, but thats just me.

Such could be said of this pile of white cubes. I've seen a few photos of this recently, but I like this one even if I'm not sure about the art.

I wonder if the women in the foreground is part of the art, or maybe they are actually cubes of ice and she's just a very cold museum worker. The people in the background are obviously 'getting into' this piece of art, almost literally.

It is quite grainy in its larger views (and yes, the women does have some splodges on her cheek, but hey, she just looks cold to me) but I don't care. There is enough detail in the cubes, which I think are the most important thing about this photo anyway.

It didn't get a single save, which I can't understand. Resurrected!

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Apprentice said...

I saw this piece in Tate Modern last week with Stef. It's Rachel Whiteread, and I think it's really ghastly. And I love modern art. The photograph is great though.